Medical Imaging Online Completion | Mercy College

Medical Imaging Online Completion


Required Program Professional Courses
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
IMG 305 Imaging Informatics 3
IMG 320 Advanced Patient Care in Medical Imaging 3
IMG 405 Principles of Quality Management 3
IMG 415 Research Methods and Information Literacy 3
IMG 470 Medical Imaging Management 3
IMG 480 Medical Imaging Capstone 3
HCA 301 Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System 3
HCA 312 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 410 Introduction to Healthcare Finance 3
HCA 412 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3
IMG Advanced Imaging Electives 15
Total Professional Courses 45
Advanced Imaging Electives* (Select 15 credit hours)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
IMG 310 Sectional Anatomy in Medical Imaging 3
IMG 330 Principles of Computed Tomography 3
IMG 340 Computed Tomography Applications 3
IMG 345 Principles of Bone Densitometry 3
IMG 350 Principles of Mammography 3
IMG 355 Advanced Breast Imaging 3
IMG 370 Advanced Sonography Topics 3
IMG 430 Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3
IMG 431 Advanced Imaging Practicum 1-3
IMG 440 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications 3
IMG 499 Independent Study in Medical Imaging 1-3
General Education Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Natural Sciences, Technology and Innovation 6
Oral and Written Communication 6
Mathematics, Statistics and Logic 3
Social and Behavioral Science 6
Arts, Humanities, Culture and Diversity 9
Additional General Education Courswork (any category) 6
Total General Education Requirements 36

Note: The general education graduation requirements are required to complete the program. The majority of students transfer in a large percentage of the general education credits needed for their Bachelor’s degree.

A total of 120 credit hours are needed for graduation. Once a student enrolls at Mercy College, only six hours of credit can be transferred in from another regionally accredited intuition of higher education. Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours at Mercy College of Ohio.

*Pathway candidates (those graduating from hospital-based programs) are granted 39 credit hours upon verification of active registration status with the ARRT, ARDMS, or NMTCB.

Curriculum (PDF)