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Medical Coding

Career Outlook

Mercy College has developed the credit certificate program in medical coding to maximize employment opportunities for those individuals who successfully complete the program with the credibility of college level coursework and preparation for a nationally recognized exam.

According to Ohio’s labor management information system, the northwest Ohio economic region, including the Lucas County metropolitan area, will experience job growth through 2018 for health information technicians from anywhere between 9.1 and 11.6%.  Further, job opportunities for medical secretaries are cited as one of the fastest growing occupations at 13.5%, putting it on the list of jobs with the most annual openings for this area.  Individuals who earn a Medical Coding certificate will be able to easily transition to the HIT program at the College, allowing them to earn an Associate Degree in approximately three years and qualifying them for advanced opportunities and earnings.  For persons who do not wish to continue their education, the CCA credential signifies the necessary knowledge to enter into the field of medical coding and adds further qualifications for some medical secretarial positions.

Position: Estimated Salary:
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians $34,160
Medical Secretaries $31,350