Healthcare Administration Online Completion | Mercy College

Healthcare Administration Online Completion


Professional Coursework
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
HCA 301 Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System 3
HCA 310 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare 3
HCA 312 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 316 Healthcare Information Systems 3
HCA 318 Principles of Healthcare Marketing 3
HCA 330 Principles of Accounting for Healthcare 3
HCA 410 Introduction to Healthcare Finance 3
HCA 412 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3
HCA 419 Reimbursement, Insurance, and Managed Care 3
HCA 420 Fundamentals of Healthcare Economics 3
HCA 435 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety 3
HCA 440 Fundamentals of Population Health for Healthcare Administrators 3
HCA 450 Healthcare Management 3
Professional Coursework Total 39
General Education Coursework
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Natural Sciences, Technology and Innovation 6
Oral and Written Communication 6
Mathematics, Statistics and Logic 3
Social and Behavioral Science 6
Arts, Humanities, Cultural and Diversity 9
Additional General Education Coursework 0-6
General Education Coursework Total 36

Note: The General Education Coursework requirements are necessary to meet graduation requirements. Minimum requirements are listed; individual categories can be exceeded to meet the required amount of General Education Coursework. Coursework may be satisfied from transfer credit.

In addition to Professional Coursework and General Education Coursework, Prior Coursework/Transfer Credit may be granted.
Prior Coursework/Transfer Credit - Coursework taken for prior degree/degrees and/or at other institutions of higher education. Excludes credits transferred for Professional or General Education Coursework.
Total Transfer Coursework = 45
Optional Practicum
In addition to the courses listed in the program curriculum, the program has an elective 120-hour practicum requirement (HCA 404 Healthcare Administration Practicum, 1 credit hour). This optional experience allows for acquisition of specific skills in a real-world healthcare setting. Additional practicum information may be obtained from the Program Director. 
A total of 120 credit hours are needed for graduation. Once a student enrolls at Mercy College, only six hours of credit can be transferred in from another institution of higher education. Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours at Mercy College of Ohio. All transferred course coursework must come from regionally accredited postsecondary institutions.