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Master of Health Administration

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Celebrating over 100 years of Mercy Education, Mercy College is called to prepare healthcare leaders for changing times. Healthcare leaders need knowledge/tools to lead change within diverse healthcare delivery settings. Students will contribute to the body of knowledge related to the design, organization and delivery, evaluation and leadership of health and healthcare systems.

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) program is an online program, with the exception of the required practicum experience for students with less than one year of healthcare leadership experience. The program is built on the College's mission and values and is designed to prepare aspiring and existing healthcare professionals to serve or advance in healthcare leadership roles. The program will encourage students to demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based decision making within a context that values diversity and is sensitive to the ethical implications of decision-making in healthcare delivery. The program provides a broad base of knowledge and prepares graduates to lead in a value-based healthcare environment.

Program Highlights
Designed and taught by healthcare industry subject matter experts to ensure the cutting-edge curriculum is aligned with the knowledge/skills that healthcare employers are seeking of current/future healthcare leaders.
Six semesters, 36-39 credit hours.
Adapted from the National Center of Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) competency model’s three key domains of learning: transformation, execution and people.
Six credit hours per semester (6-8 week sessions). Focus on one, 3-credit hour course at a time.
Learn with students from various educational and career backgrounds from across the United States. 
Small Classes – Active learning environment with class sizes capped at 25 students.
Online courses – Provide an anytime, anywhere learning environment for students who work full or part-time.
No GRE required.
Full or part-time study available/fall and spring starts available.
No on-campus residency requirement.
Health Administration Practicum
  • Students having one-year or more of healthcare leadership experience (by the end of semester IV), as determined by the Program Director, are not required to take the practicum course, but will have the option to participate in the practicum experience in a varying credit hour format (1-3 credit hours).
  • Students with less than one-year of healthcare leadership experience (by the end of semester IV), as determined by the Program Director, will be required to take the practicum course (3 credit hours – 120 contact hours).
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