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General Studies

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Choose Now, Decide Later

A career in healthcare is a great choice. But you don’t necessarily have to choose exactly which course is right for you right now. Maybe you are unclear of which healthcare program you want to focus on, or simply wish to begin your studies in a smaller environment before transferring to a different university. Mercy College’s General Studies Program allows you to earn an Associate of Science Degree, providing you with an excellent educational background to build from. So start your healthcare education today for a successful career tomorrow. Associate of Science in General Studies courses begin in the fall (August), spring (January), and summer (May) semesters.

In accordance with the College mission statement, the philosophy of the general studies program is to provide education based on the Christian values underlying the educational efforts of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the Sisters of Charity of Montreal (Grey Nuns). This associate degree program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of students seeking a Christian education.

For those who wish to prepare for admission to a health related program of study at Mercy College or to transfer to another college or university, the courses outlined in this program of study can be tailored to meet program pre-requisites and are equivalent to the freshman and sophomore years of a Bachelor of Science Degree Program. For students who wish to enroll in a program of study that allows for a broad sampling of liberal arts courses, an opportunity to pursue areas of study of interest to them while providing maximum flexibility in designing their programs of study, the general studies program is an ideal option. This flexible degree is of particular value to those employed in positions where completion of an associate degree is required for job advancement and for those who wish to pursue their educations in a small Catholic college environment.

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Associate of Science in General Studies will be able to:

  • Communication: To develop fundamental literacy in reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to communicate effectively.
  • Critical Thinking: To reason logically, using data from appropriate disciplines in the process of problem solving and decision-making.   
  • Mathematics: To understand mathematical concepts and perform mathematical and algebraic computations.
  • Values and Catholic Identity: To exhibit an understanding of Catholic values, beliefs and the nature of faith as they impact ethical decision making within the professional and personal life of the graduate.
  • Computer Technology: To understand the use of introductory computer technologies with emphasis on instructional software and word processing.
  • Science: To understand scientific concepts, the scientific method, contemporary issues in science and technology, and apply these concepts to healthcare.
  • Humanities: To exhibit a broader awareness, interest and appreciation of the relevance of the humanities to current conditions of life while acknowledging the beauty of human endeavor as a universal characteristic of cultures.
  • Social and Global Consciousness: To understand and respect the diversity of cultures and experiences that characterize the global community and enable graduates to be productive and responsible citizens in a democratic society.
  • Lifelong Learning: To be motivated and responsible for continual self-directed learning and development of skills needed for self-actualization.
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