Emergency Medical Technician - Basic | Mercy College

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic


Semester I (Fall)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIO 105 Human Structure and Function 5
EMS 101 Introduction to Basic Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine 8
EMS 102 Basic Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinical Practice 0.5
GEN 100 College Academic Skills Seminar 0.5
HIT 105 Medical Terminology 2
Total Credit Hours 16

The Certificate program in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic is a one (1) semester full-time program of study. Classes are conveniently offered to accommodate working professionals and to allow for other commitments. In addition to lecture and lab, there are clinical practicum requirements. The degree program is 16 credit hours spanning one semester.

All curriculum requirements for the credit certificate program in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic follow a sequence of prerequisite courses while building on previous studies and preparing for future courses.