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Community Health Worker

Career Outlook

What does the future hold for me as a Community Health Worker?
The job outlook is excellent for certified Community Health Workers as the job market expects a 21.8% increase between now and 2020. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, a number of strategies are being adopted by health care organizations to maximize the quality of health care delivery, while also minimizing economic impact on the organization. The traditional role of the CHW is expanding within the Patient-Centered Medical Home and may include additional roles in entry-level case management.  A local needs assessment indicated that area organizations may hire up to 40 Community Health Workers in the next three years.

Potential employers include the following:
• Charitable foundation or government agency grants or contracts (county clinics or local organizations)
• Government general funds (county hospitals, health departments)
• Private sector organizations (hospitals, health plans) (National Health Policy Forum) - Brief Discussing Community Health Workers (PDF)

Salary Range
Nationwide, the mean hourly wage is $18.02, or $37,482 annually. Salaries up to $60,000 can be earned with management/supervisory roles and responsibilities.  According to a local community needs assessment, average hourly wages in this region are approximately $14.60. (2010 SOC, which includes unique occupational classification for CHW) - Summary report for CHW - Information specific to Community Health Workers

Position: Estimated Salary:
Community Health Worker $34,620