Biology | Mercy College


Program Information

The Bachelor of Science in Biology seeks to prepare graduates for various fields of medicine and graduate study. This degree program will present students with a strong, relevant, and current foundation in the basic sciences. Graduates will be prepared to go on to medical school, physician assistant programs, or other professional fields of medicine, as well as graduate school for work as a research scientist. Students completing this degree program would also be
eligible for immediate employment as a science lab technician in an academic setting or in industry.
Goals of the Biology Major
Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Biology major, graduates will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate understanding and application of scientific principles.
  2. Integrate critical thinking skills to examine and interpret biological questions.
  3. Students will collect and analyze scientific data.
  4. Locate, evaluate and communicate analytical information.
  5. Be prepared to enter graduate schools or scientific fields.