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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology is a full-time program of study designed as a stand-alone major or as the first step to post-baccalaureate education in the health care professions such as medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dentistry, or scientific research. 

What are Mercy College Biology graduates saying about the program?

Image of Adam Black

My experience at Mercy was great! I could talk to my professors very openly, they were always looking to help in any way possible. Also, Mercy jump started my career since Mercy is articulated with Logan College of Chiropractics, this allowed me to get to my dream faster of becoming a chiropractor. Everything finally fell into place thanks to Mercy College. - Adam Black, Mercy College Biology Graduate

Image of Codey Tyda

Choosing to attend Mercy College was one of the best decisions of my life and it is nearly impossible to list every aspect that made it the right academic choice for me!

Being a biology major in a small class setting, offered a unique experience. The students and faculty quickly formed a close cohort where communication and interacting is a key component in achieving success. Mercy College is constantly implementing ways to make the learning experience up-to-date and innovative for each health major. The professors and facilities are definite assets in making this happen; however, the caring advisors, knowledgeable financial aid office, and other diverse departments have helped promote the positive atmosphere that it is.

Mercy College is truly the place to be! There is no other place that believes in you the way they do! 

- Codey Tyda, Mercy College Biology Graduate

The Biology program at Mercy College of Ohio is a rigorous major built on a strong foundation in the natural sciences. With its small classes and doctorally-prepared faculty, students will work collaboratively in the lab and on research projects, which are designed to enhance student scholarship at the undergraduate level. 

The Bachelor of Science in Biology program courses begin in the fall semester (August) however students can be admitted and begin taking pre-requisite and general education courses toward their program of choice in the fall semester (August), spring semester (January), or summer semester (May).

Mercy College offers students interested in the areas listed below a well-rounded education through the Biology program. 

Pre-Chiropractic - Learn more about the Logan University/Mercy College Articulation Agreement.
Pre-Physician Assistant (PA)

• Sales Rep
• Cosmetics Companies
• Lab Technician
• Bioinformatics
• Pharmaceutical Rep
• Educating at Community Organizations

B.S.-Biology +1 year
     • Education (MEd)
     • Pathology Assistant – forensics, autopsy, laboratory, etc.
     • Clinical Lab Program – Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

B.S.-Biology +2 years
     • Master degree in specific science area advancement in job
     • Physician Assistant

Logan University Agreement 3+3 years - Learn more about the Logan University/Mercy College Articulation Agreement.
     • Begin with Mercy College – first 3 years
     • Transfer to Logan for Chiropractic School for 3 years
     • Earn a Bachelor in Science – Biology from Mercy College and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan            University 

B.S.-Biology + 4 or more years
     • PhD in Specific Area – Teach at Collegiate Level, conduct research, hold major positions at Biotech firms,      pharmaceutical companies, etc.
     • Medical School
     • Optometry School
     • Veterinary School
     • Dentistry
     • Pharmacy
     • Physical Therapy

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