Mercy College Receives Grant to Offer Emergency Funding to Students | Mercy College
Posted 8/29/2017

Mercy College Receives Grant to Offer Emergency Funding to Students

With funding from the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates and the College, students who experience an unexpected bill or expense can now apply for up to a $1,000 Dash grant. 

Great Lakes awarded $7.2 million in Dash Grants to 32 four-year colleges in six states. Great Lakes will also leverage additional contributions from its college partners, increasing the total impact to $7.7 million in emergency grants available to low-income students. The Dash grant is a one-time award given to students faced with an unexpected bill, such as a car repair or medical payment. 

Image of Mercy College studentMercy College of Ohio students are eligible if:
  • enrolled in at least six credit hours during the semester in which the emergency grant is requested
  • an undergraduate with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $7,000 or less
  • in a degree-seeking undergraduate program

Students must apply for the grant to be considered. A completed application must include: a clear explanation of the emergency and why you can’t cover the expense and documentation such as receipts, bills, an eviction notice, a pay stub, etc.

To apply for a Dash grant: Contact Kristen Porter, Director of Career, Professional Development & Retention at 419-251-1339 or or visit Madison 5706 to speak with a Dash grant team member. 

Visit to submit an application.

The first Dash grants from Mercy College will be awarded in Fall 2017.