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EMPOWERME Instructions

EMPOWER ME! is the on-line student information system that empowers students to access their academic and financial records. EMPOWER ME! enables students to have access to their schedules, unofficial academic transcripts, grades, course offerings and financial records. Click here to access EMPOWER ME!.

I hope EMPOWER ME! encourages you to successfully complete your academic goals at Mercy College.

For questions concerning accessibility to different parts of the system, click on the associated links below:


Q. What does a “Pending Course” mean when I am trying to register?
A. A course will show up as “Pending” for a few reasons: a time conflict w/another course, the course is not in your required major, the course has been reserved for a specific major, etc. The reason will be listed in red on the registration page. Click on the Delete button to the left of the course and re-add the correct one.

Q. How do I know if a class has been reserved for a specific major?
A. Click on the green “Detail” button to the right of a course when you are searching for classes and it will give you information about the course.

Q. I’m trying to check my grades, but nothing shows up. Am I looking in the right place?
A. Be sure to choose your term, under “Currently Set”, before you go to records and grade report.

Q. How do I know who my advisor is?
A. Go to Records, click on “Who is your Advisor Inquiry”.

Q. I’m not sure if all of my transfer credit has been accepted, how do I find out?
A. Go to Records, click on Student Complete Schedule and all of your transferred courses will be listed along with the courses you have taken here, at Mercy College. This can also be used as an Unofficial Transcript.

Q. What is an “Advisor Pin”?
A. The following are students who need an advisor pin: General Studies student, a Post Secondary student, and a student not yet in their program. You must see your advisor prior to registering to receive this pin number.


The Student Records Offices are located on the 6th Floor of Mercy College on the Jefferson side.
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Personal appointments made upon request.
The department consists of:
A portrait of Mark McKellip
Mark McKellip, BA

Director of Institutional Research and Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-8989

A portrait of Jay Hoying
Jay Hoying, MEd

Associate Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-8913

A portrait of Keri Cline
Keri Cline, BS

Assistant Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-1474