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Course Descriptions

The number that follows the title of the course is the number of CREDIT hours that the student earns upon completion of the course.

The first digit within the parentheses that follows the number of credit hours indicates the number of lecture/class HOURS per week. The second digit indicates the number of laboratory or CLINICAL hours per week.

Special Topics courses may be offered by programs to provide additional breadth and enrichment. When offered, these courses will be listed on the semester schedule under the prefix of the appropriate department, and will carry a course number of 199 – 499 depending upon course level.

For more information regarding course descriptions, please view the most recent College Catalog.  

The Student Records Offices are located on the 6th Floor of Mercy College on the Jefferson side.
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Personal appointments made upon request.
The department consists of:
A portrait of Mark McKellip
Mark McKellip, BA

Director of Institutional Research and Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-8989

A portrait of Jay Hoying
Jay Hoying, MEd

Associate Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-8913

A portrait of Keri Cline
Keri Cline, BS

Assistant Registrar
Office: 6th Floor Jefferson
Phone: 419-251-1474