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Career, Professional Development & Retention

The mission of the Office of Career and Professional Development is to inspire, challenge, and empower students and alumni as they transform into servant leaders in the global community by offering programs, services, and resources that focus on career and professional development and lifelong learning.

Compassion – We will treat students, alumni, and all internal and external stakeholders with respect, empathy, and a willingness to listen.
Excellence – We will pursue distinction in our professional and personal lives through collaboration, innovation and evidence-based practices.
Human Dignity – We will respect the significance of each individual, recognizing that meaning, purpose, gifts and hopes are given by God.
Justice – We will act with integrity, fairness, honesty, and truthfulness, embodying professional ethics.
Sacredness of life – We will revere all life, personal and professional, through our thoughts, words, and actions.
Service – We will engage the college community to empower and engage students and alumni through professional and community service.

Innovative programs, services, and resources that prepare students and alumni to thrive professionally
• Job Search process and tips
• Career/Job Fairs
• Online career resources such as College Central Network, LinkedIn, etc.
• Career Center resource library
Transformative learning opportunities that allow students and alumni to “connect the dots” from their experiences inside the classroom to outside the classroom and beyond
• Classroom presentations
• Networking events and skill development
• Professionalism skill development
Individualized and responsive services to facilitate the development of an individual’s best professional self
• Cover Letter and Resume development
• Interviewing skills

The Career Center is located at Mercy College of Ohio in room Madison 5710. Resources are available 24/7. Call 419-251-1339 or email to schedule an appointment during regular business hours (generally, 9 am to 5pm).



Career Packet (PDF)
Portrait of Kristen Porter
Kristen Porter, MEd

Director of Career, Professional Development and Retention
Office: M5706
Phone: 419-251-1339

Visit the online resources below for career information.

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