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Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team

The Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team at Mercy College of Ohio reinforces the College’s efforts to provide the students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe and secure environment to work, study, and live.  As a subset of the Campus Violence Prevention Committee, the CARE Team assists with the prevention of and intervention in incidents where members of the campus community are experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors, as well as supports individuals impacted by such incidents. 
The CARE Team works together to gather information about students of concern, assess information about each case brought before the Team; define and coordinate a plan/response; implement a response to a perceived or real threat; and monitor the disposition of the case The CARE Team serves as a mechanism for improved coordination and communication across the campus and/or system and makes recommendations in accordance with existing college policies.
The CARE Team promotes the success, health, and safety of individuals within the community through identifying and monitoring individuals whose behaviors may be troubling with the intention to provide assistance and intervention to prevent incidents from occurring.  The role of the CARE Team is to: understand threats/concerns; evaluate legitimacy of concerns; identify motivations for violence; assess likelihood of physical harm to self and/or others; develop strategies for risk reduction; guide implementation of strategies, re-evaluate threat; and evaluate the needs of the community.
For more information about the Mercy College of Ohio CARE Team, contact:
A portrait of Lisa Sancrant
Lisa Sancrant, PhD, MA, BA

Director of Student Success Center
Office: M1701
Phone: 419-251-1487

A portrait of Deanna Vatan
Deanna Vatan, MEd, BS, BA

Director Student Life
Office: M5808
Phone: 419 251 2133