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Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center, located on the first floor of Mercy College, Madison Avenue, houses dedicated professional tutors and advisors who offer guidance and resources to Mercy College students to help them succeed academically, personally, and professionally. 

Our nursing and allied health program advisors help students navigate the ins and outs of planning for academic success, such as academic planning and scheduling, program changes, and graduation applications. Advisors assist students to clarify personal and career goals, develop consistent educational goals and plans, and evaluate progress toward established goals. Our professional tutors offer tutoring in nursing, science, math, and English. Tutors provide supplemental instruction and guidance to students in meeting course requirements. The focus of our advisors and tutors is helping students develop as independent learners. 

Consistent with the mission, vision, values and strategic plan of Mercy College, the mission of the Academic Resource Center is to guide and empower our students to fulfill their academic potential, develop into lifelong learners, and succeed in college and beyond. We offer an array of services to support student success.     


ARC Staff
A portrait of Lisa Sancrant
Lisa Sancrant, PhD, MA, BA

Director of Academic Resource Center
Office: M5812
Phone: 419-251-1454

A portrait of Mary Ach
Mary Ach, MA, BA

Office: M1724
Phone: 419-251-1877

Portrait of Clayton Chiarelott
Clayton Chiarelott, MEd

Writing Tutor
Office: M1703
Phone: 419-251-1479

A portrait of Tracy Darr
Tracy Darr, MEd, BS

Office: M1723
Phone: 419-251-1882

A portrait of Sarah Dollarhide
Sarah Dollarhide, MSN, RN, PCC

Nursing Tutor
Office: M1714
Phone: 419-251-1804

Portrait of Scott Hevner
Scott Hevner, MS

Math and Science Tutor
Office: M1704
Phone: 419-251-1493

A portrait of Kelly O'Quinn
Kelly O'Quinn , BBA, BSN, RN

Office: M1716
Phone: (419) 251-1411

A portrait of Linda Shaw
Linda Shaw, MEd, BSN, RN

Nursing Advisor for Associate of Science and RN to BSN Completion Programs
Office: M1722
Phone: 419-251-1727

A portrait of Lisa Stevens
Lisa Stevens, MSN, RN

Nursing Tutor
Office: M1720
Phone: 419-251-1210

Academic Resource Center Mission
The Mercy College of Ohio Academic Resource Center (ARC) guides and empowers students to fulfill their academic potential, develop into independent lifelong learners, and succeed in college and beyond.