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Copyright Information

​Copyright is a set of laws that provide authors and creators of original works the sole right to market their works for a limited period of time. Copyright also gives to people who want to use the works of others, permission to use them under certain conditions, without seeking permission or paying a royalty. Mercy College abides by the copyright laws and notifies the faculty, staff, and students that it is their individual responsibility to be copyright compliant.

The Mercy College faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the “fair use guidelines” in determining whether or not a work can be used without the author’s permission. Click below to obtain a “Checklist for Fair Use”.

Mercy College faculty, staff, and students can also consult the Mercy College Librarians for help in understanding and abiding by the copyright laws. If you have a copyright question, contact the copyright librarian at 419-251-1821 or e-mail

Download Fair Use Checklist