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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

The prevention of drug and alcohol abuse supports Mercy College of Ohio’s efforts to maintain an environment that promotes the safety and health of all students and members of the campus community.  The College recognizes that drug and alcohol abuse can be a major obstacle to students’ personal and academic success and impacts the entire campus environment.  Prevention, early detection, and timely intervention are imperative tools to reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol abuse.
Signs and symptoms that may be indicative of drug or alcohol abuse:
  • Decreased interest in classes or extracurricular activities
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Sleep issues
  • Changes in weight
  • Spending more time with others who have a reputation for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Withdrawing
  • Changes in behavior or personality
  • Mood swings
Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse on Academics:
  • Skipping class
  • Missing deadlines
  • Failing a test or project because of the after effects of drinking
  • Impairing the ability to think abstractly for up to 30 days, limiting the ability to relate textbook reading to in-class discussion
Health Risks Associated with the Use of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse:
  • Blackouts, poisoning, overdose and death
  • Physical and psychological dependence
  • Damage to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and liver
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Inability to learn and remember information
  • Psychological problems including depression, psychosis, and severe anxiety
  • Impaired judgment and coordination
  • Associated with acquaintance assault and rape; DUI/DWI arrests; hazing; falls, drowning and other injuries; contracting sexually-transmitted infections including AIDS
  • Unwanted or unplanned sexual experiences and pregnancy
     *Drug and alcohol abuse can also lead to financial difficulties and legal trouble.
Where to get help:
On Campus
Toledo Campus: Suzanne Hall, LPCC-S
Madison, 5812

Youngstown location: Clarissa (Clair) Willrich
4th Floor
Local Resources:
Online Resources: