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ATTN: Fall 2017 students - this page is currently under construction, please check back after April 26, 2017!

Background Checks, Drug Screens, and Health Records

ATTN: Fall 2017 students - this page is currently under construction, please check back after April 26, 2017!

Attention Clinical Program Students:

On this page, you will find information regarding clinical prerequisites. Because requirements are subject to change between semesters, you will receive an email from the Clinical Compliance Coordinator with directions when your online account with CastleBranch (formerly known as Certified Profile) is ready to be set up. Your CastleBranch account will store all of your documentation, and their reviewers will make sure that the information you have provided meets the requirements.

Although you must wait until you are notified before creating your CastleBranch account, you can begin gathering your documentation and scheduling necessary medical appointments once you are accepted into your clinical program of study.
DO NOT SCHEDULE fingerprinting/background check or drug screening until after your CastleBranch account has been created. You must use the fingerprinting and drug screen forms and instructions in your CastleBranch account. We cannot accept results from other parties.

To navigate the information, first download the Program Requirements Overview in the link below. You will see a chart with the names of the programs on the left, and a list of the vaccinations, surveys, and other necessary forms along the top of the chart. Simply locate your program and see at a glance which conditions you must meet.

Next, you can find detailed information regarding what documentation will meet each requirement in the PDFs under the Health Requirements Information section. Community Health Worker and Medical Imaging students have some additional requirements; information about those are found in PDFs under the Additional Program Specific Requirements section.

Under the Forms section, you will find the Health Survey and a Physical Examination Form to be completed by your physician if your appointment is scheduled prior to setting up your CastleBranch account. All the forms you need to complete will also be available for download from within your account.

Documents under the FAQs section may still reference Certified Profile; however, they now apply to CastleBranch. The general processes will be the same.

If you have questions, please contact

Program Requirements Overview (PDF)

Health Requirements Information: Additional Program Specific Requirements:
Healthcare Provider BLS Information (PDF) Heartsaver Certification - Community Health Worker Students Only (PDF)
Hepatitis B Information (PDF) Professional Licensure - Medical Imaging Students Only (PDF)
Influenza Information (PDF) State RAD Licensure - Medical Imaging Students Only (PDF)
MMR Information (PDF)  
Tetanus Information (PDF)  
Tuberculosis Information (PDF)  
Varicella Information (PDF)  
Forms: FAQs:
Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form (PDF) Automatic Bars for Obtaining Nursing License Ohio Board of Nursing (PDF)
Health Survey Form (PDF) Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Physical Examination Form (PDF) Certified Profile/CastleBranch Student Reference Guide (PDF)
TB Symptoms Review Form (only for use with Chest X-ray report) (PDF) Submitting Documents to Certified Profile/CastleBranch (PDF)
Student Consent for Disclosure (PDF) Uploading Documents to CastleBranch Via Smart Phone (PDF)
  Instructions for Printing the To-do List Summary Report (PDF)
  Instructions for Scanning Items - Mercy College Toledo Campus Library ONLY (PDF)
  Instructions for Scanning to USB from MFD - Mercy College Toledo Campus Only (PDF)
  Where Do I Find the Drug Screen Instructions? (PDF)