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Background Checks, Drug Screens, and Health Records

Clinical Program/Practicum Students:

Welcome to Mercy College of Ohio! Please bookmark this page as it contains important information for students and is updated when new information is available.

Once you have been officially accepted into the clinical program (or a practicum with health records and background check requirements):

  • Review the information regarding prerequisites which must be completed prior to participation in the clinical/practicum. 
  • Begin collecting all of your medical records to determine what you still need to complete (review the Basic Requirements Information below).
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician if you have not had a physical within the past six months. Documentation does not have to be on our form if a physical has already been completed within the timeframe.

You will create an account with CastleBranch to store your documentation, and their reviewers will ensure that the information you have provided meets your program's requirements.

Students who have been absent from the clinical/practicum portion of their program for six months or longer are required to place new CastleBranch orders to update the required documentation. Do not ask CastleBranch to move a prior account, because doing so will only cause delays and you will still be required to create a new account. Please refer to the Returning Students Information under the FAQs and Tips section below. 

DO NOT SCHEDULE fingerprinting/background check or drug screening until after your CastleBranch account has been created. You must use the fingerprinting and drug screen forms and instructions in your CastleBranch account. We cannot accept results from other parties.


Students ordering a CastleBranch account for Fall 2018 or later must wait until the Fall 2018 to Summer 2019 Program Codes and Deadlines PDF is posted (program deadlines and documents are currently being updated). The Fall 2018 to Summer 2019 codes should be posted by mid-April.  

  • Print the Student Checklist to help you stay on track.
  • Open the Program Codes and Deadlines to locate the applicable information and write it on your checklist. Day and Evening Nursing programs offered in Toledo and Youngstown have different package codes, so make sure you select the correct package code for the program and semester you are starting.
  • Make sure you know your EMPOWER number or Student ID number.
  • Have a credit card/payment method to pay for your CastleBranch account (payment includes associated fees for fingerprinting/background check and/or drug screen, if they are part of your package).
  • Go to the ordering portal to proceed:

There are four components of your CastleBranch account - all must remain compliant while you are in the clinical program/practicum to maintain eligibility for clinical participation. Additional details are found under the Basic Requirements Information:

  • Health records
  • Drug test
  • Fingerprinting
  • Background check

If you have questions, please contact and include your full name and the program in which you are enrolled.

Student Checklist (PDF)

Fall 2017 to Summer 2018 Program Codes and Deadlines (PDF)

Program Requirements Overview (PDF)

Basic Requirements Information: Additional Program Specific Requirements:
Background Check Information (PDF) Heartsaver Certification - Community Health Worker Students Only (PDF)
Drug Screen Information (PDF) Professional Licensure - Medical Imaging Students Only (PDF)
Healthcare Provider BLS Information (PDF) State RAD Licensure - Medical Imaging Students Only (PDF)
Hepatitis B Information (PDF) State RN Licensure - Master of Science in Nursing Students Only (PDF)
Influenza Information (PDF)  
MMR Information (PDF)  
TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) (PDF)  
Tuberculosis Information (PDF)  
Varicella Information (PDF)  
Forms: FAQs and Tips:
Health Survey Form (PDF) Automatic Bars for Obtaining Nursing License Ohio Board of Nursing (PDF)
Physical Examination Form (PDF) CastleBranch FAQs for Students (PDF)
TB Symptoms Review Form (only for use with Chest X-ray report) (PDF) CastleBranch Package Prices (PDF)
TB 2-step and TB Renewal (PDF) Printing the CastleBranch To-Do List (TDL) Summary (PDF)
Student Acknowledgement (PDF) Returning Students Information (PDF)
Student Consent (PDF) Students Unable to Receive Vaccines (PDF)
Student Disclosure (PDF) Students Without a Local Physician (PDF)
  Uploading Documents to CastleBranch (PDF)
  Uploading TDL Summary to Canvas for Clinical Verification (PDF)
  Instructions for Scanning Items - Mercy College Toledo Campus Library ONLY (PDF)
  Instructions for Scanning to USB from MFD - Mercy College Toledo Campus Only (PDF)