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Special Presentation about Service Dogs in Healthcare

On June 27 Mercy College Radiologic Technology students heard a presentation by Capt. Louis Belluomini and his service dog, Star.  Read more about this exceptional presentation: Capt. Louis Belluomini and Star

Capt. Belluomini welcomes the opportunity to speak to other groups of students within the College. Please contact Cindy Miller who will provide details on how to contact Capt. Belluomini.

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Best Before Fall 2017?

Submitted by Dan French

After a recent trip to Costco, I had to clean out my refrigerator to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Looking at the "best before" date on foods and condiments is always an adventure in my fridge, especially among the items in the door. That Parisian mustard I had to have? Best before 3/15/14. Organic non-GMO high-gluten free-range capers? Use before 5/1/2015. Salad dressings? Anything that has been around since the Reagan administration has to go. As scary as the items in my refrigerator are, they serve as a good analogy to online courses. You have to keep them fresh. If you haven't updated your syllabus since the disco era, it's time. Still using PowerPoints that were developed before flat-screen TV's?* Consider a refresh. That old video you made on tape back in 2012? Doesn't even look like you anymore; time for a do-over. Students know, they can sense when a class is stale and out of date. Animated graphic s or clip-art? As my 17-year old told me, "Dad, animated clip-art went out with Pokemon-Go and Crocs."** Low-def, non-captioned YouTube videos scream stale. How about your bibliography? You should always include a few sources from the current year, scholarship moves quickly, and you owe it to your students to stay current. *Around 2006. **I still wear Crocs.

Items Sent to Students via Inside Mercy College

Mercy Café Menu: see above

Special Presentation about Service Dogs in Healthcare: see above

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