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Are You Thinking About Distance Education?

Congratulations, by merely viewing this page you have made a rather large leap in deciding your future. Don’t believe me, well consider what you are doing right now…research. Here at Mercy College we highly encourage all prospective students to research the programs and courses they are interested in completing. If you can’t find an answer to your question, then give Mercy College a call or send an email. We have highly qualified, knowledgeable staff ready and waiting to assist you in deciding which program would best match your needs. There are a number of institutions, both local and national, that offer "online degrees" but few are known for following a vision. This vision is what makes the distance education courses at Mercy College different. The primary vision of Mercy College is to sustain a Christian learning community that is known for its excellence in academic inquiry and regard for the optimal development of the individual. As a community of faith, the College supports a strong interrelationship among students, faculty, and staff in their search for a meaningful and sustained relationship with God.

We here at the College want to see each and every student succeed and we’ll do our best to make sure that happens. Our distance education courses are not the type where all the materials are self-paced and there is little to no interaction from faculty. Instead, our courses encourage interaction and follow a learner-centered curriculum that demands critical thinking and values exploration.

Distance Education Bachelor Completion Programs at Mercy College are unique in that students are presented with opportunities for Internships and Clinicals, Service Learning, and community building with their peers and faculty. Our distance education courses are not online correspondence courses, but rather mimic classroom activities and experiences, contain lectures, and allow for collaboration with other students.

At Mercy College, our Distance Education programs are different from “online schools”,  which is why we call the education we provide the “Mercy College Difference”. So if this sounds like the type of education you’ve been looking for or may have always wanted, please continue exploring the remainder of this site or contact us using any of the methods listed below:
Phone: (419) 251- 1313
Toll-free: 1-888-80-MERCY