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Pre-Major Admission Criteria

Information detailed on this page is for students interested in pursuing pre-major/general college coursework at Mercy College of Ohio. Students interested in applying for a specific program, should consult the program page of their interest or contact Admissions at or 419-251-1313.

Admission Criteria for High School and Other Students
The following are required for admission to Mercy College of Ohio:
1. All applicants must either be a high school graduate with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0, or a general equivalency diploma (GED) recipient with a score of 500 (score of 53 prior to 2002). If an applicant’s GPA or GED score is below the minimum, he/she may be eligible for admission under the admission criteria for transfer students.
2. All direct from high school students must either take the ACT or SAT. (See Application Process for test codes).
Admission Criteria for Transfer Students
A transfer student must be a high school graduate or a GED recipient plus earned a minimum of 15 credit hours of college coursework from a regionally accredited college/university with a GPA of at least 2.0. For applicants who have attended more than one regionally accredited college, GPAs from all colleges must combine to equal at least 2.0.
Admission Criteria for All Prospective Students
Applicants must have completed and passed the necessary high school courses, or their college equivalents:
  • 3 English courses (May include public speaking or journalism. Not required for GED recipients).
  • 2 Math courses.
  • 2 Social Science courses (Not required for GED recipients).
  • 3 Science courses (Including Biology and Chemistry with a lab).
All courses should be completed with a grade of ‘“C” or better; a grade of “B” or better is preferred.
ACT or SAT scores if applicable.
PLEASE NOTE: See specific program information for additional admission criteria.
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