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Religious Studies Minor

Why pursue a Religious Studies minor?

Students pursuing a minor in religious studies have the opportunity to deepen their own faith; increase their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of various faith traditions; and affirm the connection between faith and healthcare.

A minor in religious studies prepares students well for employment, especially within a faith-based hospital or other medical setting. Knowing the foundational values and beliefs of the organization will confirm your desire and willingness to be part of the institution as it fulfills its mission.

What courses are required to complete the Religious Studies minor?

Any undergraduate degree-seeking Mercy College student may pursue a minor in religious studies, 18 credit hours or 6 courses, in addition to his/her major program of study.

REL101 Introduction to Psychology 3 credit hours
REL 301 Medical Ethics 3 credit hours
Choose ONE of the following courses:
REL 324 Old Testament: Torah, Prophets, and Writings
REL 325 New Testament: Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and Revelation
3 credit hours
REL 204 Spirituality for Healthcare Providers 3 credit hours
REL 250 Death, Dying and Bereavement 3 credit hours
REL 260 History of Christianity 3 credit hours
REL 280 Independent Study 1-5 credit hours
REL 299/399 Special Topics 1-3 credit hours
REL 311 World Religions 3 credit hours
REL 330 Image and Identity: Theologies of Christian Art 3 credit hours
REL 335 Spirituality of Page, Stage, and Screen 3 credit hours
REL 360 Women and Religion 3 credit hours
REL 380 Mission, Values, and Social Teaching 3 credit hours
REL 382 Spiritual Care:  Integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit 3 credit hours
REL 385/IDS 385 Mission, Healthcare Ministry, and Enculturation 3 credit hours
REL 390 Contemporary Issues and Catholic Thought 3 credit hours

*Nine credit hours of the required 18 credit hours must be 300 level or above classes completed at Mercy College.

How do I add this minor to my academic plans?

Contact your academic advisor or other members of the Religious Studies department with questions about the minor.