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Originally established in 1918 as a nursing school, Mercy College of Ohio continues the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy to prepare students in variety of healthcare fields and science education in order to serve the larger community. As a Catholic collegiate institution, the purpose of Mercy College is to support the academic and professional success of students, while instilling the values of compassion, human dignity, excellence, service, sacredness of life and justice. To support this commitment, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality and caring educational experience with exceptional faculty and staff to support student success.

Smaller class size and one on one faculty engagement with students outside the classroom provides an environment to encourage your success. Similarly, supportive staff who are equally committed to student success provide students with a variety of services including tutoring in writing, math and major specific subjects, counseling, advising, as well as other academic support services. Our collective commitment to the success of each student is the defining characteristic of Mercy College.

We offer a variety of health care educational programs designed to meet your needs. Please feel free to browse programs by clicking though the links in the green sidebar or fill out the form below if you have additional questions. Wishing you much success on your educational journey!

Dr. Trevor M. Bates, DHSc, MS, AT, ATC
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Faculty
Associate Professor

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