Dr. Zoe Deblasio | Mercy College

Dr. Zoe Deblasio, Professor of Religious Studies

Zoe DeBlasio, D.Min., earned her Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Miami, M.A. in Theology and D.Min. at Barry University.  She has taught Theology, Catholic Studies, and Religious Studies since 2000, and has taught at Mercy College of Ohio since 2008.  "I enjoy teaching students who are considering the ethical and/or religious aspects of a topic, perhaps for the first time."  Dr. DeBlasio travels to Italy and the Mediterranean during summer breaks to photograph and research early Christian art and architecture, the history of the Church, and the role of women in religion.  Dr. DeBlasio enjoys promoting social justice, teaching, traveling, cooking, and encouraging others to try something new.

Video Transcript: “I’m Dr. Zoe Deblasio and I’m the Assistant Professor of Religious Studies here at Mercy College. I’m passionate about the way students develop relationships with each other and encourage each other. People should know that Mercy College staff, administration, faculty and students do really care about each other and care about the work they do together.”