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Assessment of Student Learning

Purpose of Assessment

The purpose of assessment is to improve courses, programs and/or services.  Assessment involves the continuous, systematic process of collecting and analyzing data and using that information to improve courses, programs and services offered at Mercy College. Simply stated: Are our students learning what we say they need to learn and is what we say they need to learn the correct thing(s)?

Assessment is:
*  Focused on student learning
*  A set of expectations, criteria and standards that our students must meet, determined by the faculty and staff responsible for those elements
*  Evidence (data) that is gathered and used to improve student performance and learning
*  Helps us to ensure and improve the quality of our graduates and students
*  Ongoing and part of the institution and culture

Mercy College Institutional Learning Outcomes:

Mercy College believes that an individual, regardless of his/her chosen profession, should possess a broad knowledge base that characterizes an educated person. At Mercy College, this knowledge base and the following learning outcomes are emphasized in all courses and in co-curricular activities. Faculty and staff measure a student's mastery of the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) through college wide assessment tools. These tools allow faculty and staff to measure and  document  the student's work, abilities and growth throughout his/her academic career.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

  1. Exhibit proficiency and competency within one’s discipline in service to others.
  2. Integrate critical thinking skills to reason logically using data from appropriate disciplines to solve problems and make decisions.
  3. Communicate clearly in both written and oral forms of expression.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of Catholic teachings within one’s ethical and professional decision-making.
  5. Display an understanding of cultures and experiences that characterize the global community.

Program Learning Outcomes

Each program has individual Program Learning Outcomes. To view Program Learning Outcomes, click Program Information  in the green side navigation box on each academic program page.  

Mercy College Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee at Mercy College conducts several opportunities throughout the year to educate Mercy College faculty and staff community about assessment.

Questions? Contact Vickie Delaney.

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